P09 - How to Plan, Record, and Edit Engaging Instructional Podcasts

Monday, May 03, 2021
Rosen Shingle Creek
Video & Media

Instructional podcasts are becoming increasingly popular for learners who need content on-the-run, at times that suit them. As a communication modality, podcasts are ideal for narrative learning, in particular case studies, SME interviews, and other forms of content in leadership, sales, and similar kinds of training. However, a lot of podcasts are produced sloppily and are boring. They're just rambling content when they could be made more engaging with music, sound effects, and dynamic formats. In addition, people spend way more money on equipment they don't need to create engaging content. And they struggle with efficient workflows to make podcasts fast.

In this workshop you will learn how to plan, record, and edit podcast content. In particular, you’ll learn how to make content more engaging by using the three elements of audio to draw in learners and keep them listening. You'll learn about audio psychology, how to develop a production workflow, and what equipment you need and don't need to create effective podcasts to extend your instructional content offerings.

In this session, you will learn:

  • When and when not to use audio podcasts for learning
  • How to speed up the production of podcasts by following a professional broadcast workflow
  • How to engage learners and keep them listening using the three elements of audio
  • How to record, edit, and multi-track audio content
  • How to structure podcasts so they're quick and easy to understand
  • What equipment you need and don't need, plus how to save money with the right choices
  • How to use a microphone and sound like a professional

Prerequisite audience knowledge: Basic PC literacy

Technology discussed:

Microphone and mic technique, audacity editing software

Jonathan Halls, CEO - Jonathan Halls, LLC

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