T103 - Using Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Other Collaboration Platforms to Deploy Chatbots for Learning

Monday, May 03, 2021
Emerging Tech

Covid has irrevocable changed how we work and what technology we use to work. Many of us were forced to quickly adopt and deploy new tools or change tactics. As the dust settles and we switch from emergency mode to rebuilding we must now learn how to adapt to new workplace norms and maximize the technology we embraced. More and more companies are choosing to remain and/or normalize remote work, which has large challenges many need to tackle to make it effective and sustainable. A big question many are facing is: How can we adequately engage and support a remote or dispersed workforce using this new technology?

The “work from home” phenomenon that Covid-19 caused has been a major catalyst in the proliferation of workplace collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack. In this session we’ll explore how you can capitalize on the adoption of these planforms to facilitate workplace learning and performance support in an unprecedented way using chatbots. We’ll first discuss what chatbots are and how they can be effective learning tools. Then you’ll have the opportunity to test our five different chatbot use cases on your collaboration platforms and learn the basic design of each use case. Next, we’ll review step by step how you can set up a chatbot on Microsoft teams. Finally, we’ll discuss best practices for setting up a chatbot on your collaboration platform. You’ll leave this session with the ability to set up a chatbot on your collaboration platform and an understanding of what chatbot use cases you can design to engage your workforce.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to set-up a chatbot on your collaboration planform
  • Why chatbots are an effective engagement and training tool
  • What type of chatbot best fits your organization
  • Best practices for designing a chatbot experience
  • How to provide frictionless support on your collaboration platform

Technologies discussed:

Microsoft teams, Azure bot services, Slack, Webex Teams, Zoom

Target audience:

Designers, developers, managers

Vince Han, CEO And Founder - Mobile Coach

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