T201 - 7 Steps to Use Data and Learning Science for Training Success

Tuesday, May 04, 2021
Learning Platforms

All eyes have been on eLearning as organizations quickly transitioned their training programs to the digital world. Now, a full year into the pandemic, program leaders want to see the efficacy and results from their efforts before the clock runs out.

You need two things to tell you what’s working in your learning program and what’s not: data and learning science. Data will tell you where learners get stuck and where they need to improve confidence in your material. Then, you can leverage learning science strategies to help you course-correct the behaviors you are seeing within your learning program and improve your bottomline.

In this session, BenchPrep’s Director of Business Strategy & Operations Nish Ravichandran and Solutions Content Manager Abby Spoerl will show you 7 steps to use data and learning science principles for training success.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to analyze and interpret data from your learning programs
  • How to course-correct those results with learning design and science principles
  • Actionable next steps to implement in your learning and training programs today

Target audience:

Managers, senior leaders

Greg Rosen, Data Analyst - BenchPrep
Abby Spoerl, Solutions Content Manager - BenchPrep

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