T202 - Adopting Agile Design to Create & Collaborate: Let’s Get Inspired!

Tuesday, May 04, 2021
Tools and Development

Many designers struggle with juggling requests, lack of creativity, and working without access to their audience, which can lead to poor learning results. But what if there was a way we can start to upgrade our design skills, adapt, and grow by learning from everything around us and create amazing experiences to help learners focus on challenges at the time of need?

In this session we will learn how we can create a plan to upgrade our design skills, get inspired, and begin the journey to become a full stack designer. We’ll examine how you can use several tools to collaborate, iterate, and design experiences around user feedback to build best-in-class experiences for your audience. You will learn how to use your laptop, phone, or tablet to brainstorm, sketch, collaborate, and prototype to create amazing learning experiences. You'll leave the session feeling inspired and have the practical information to apply, as well as add several new apps that you can apply on your next project.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use Agile design to improve your learning experiences
  • How Adobe XD can help you to create and collaborate with design concepts, specs and prototypes
  • To use to brainstorm, document, sketch, test, and collaborate with your teams
  • Several examples in and outside of learning, and practical tools and techniques that you can apply
  • New tools and resource that you apply on your next project
Nick Floro, Learning Architect & CEO - Sealworks Interactive Studios

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