T302 - 5 Tips for Designing Interactive Courses That Can be Enjoyed as Movies

Wednesday, May 05, 2021
Emerging Tech

Do you ever feel boring AND bored when delivering a presentation to your students and learners? Would you like to create more engaging presentations, but lack the time and knowledge to do it? Keynotes are the backbone of any lecture or class. But as a media, they fail at keeping the attention at 100%, and they are easily forgotten. Videos are way better at doing so, but take huge amounts of effort to create. Interactive LiveDocs should give you all the tools you need to create more fun experiences, all while continuously collecting the dynamic wisdom of your class.

Learn how to build stories and movies instead of Word docs and keynotes. Come get some easy tips on how you can bring your presentations and course content to the next level, as well as unique ways of using your students' TVs for maximum engagement. Let us guide you in building interactive content for meetings, documents, and workshops that leave a long-lasting impact on your audience. See how you can cut down on multiple platforms, having to jump between screens, and screen sharing hiccup by using Kloud, an all-in-one platform for all your virtual classroom needs.

You’ll see how easily it is to create interactive videos for your presentations and leverage tools you already love like Canva, YouTube, and Notes to create new, fun, and engaging content formats your students are sure to enjoy, without spending too much time on it!  

Experience how Kloud LiveDocs can grow and change dynamically with your class, and how you can create continuous LiveDocs that can be replayed as movies. You will discover a new way of hosting meetings, in a way that you will never again lose student contributions, ideation sessions, or great content. See why Kloud is the new generation of communication and collaboration tools perfect for your teaching needs.  

In this session, you will learn:

  • What LiveDocs are and how they are used for delivering educational content
  • How you can easily create movie-like courses, without needing video skills
  • How to use your favorite tools like YouTube, Canva, and Notes to enhance your presentations
  • The benefits of giving a class using students' TVs and phones vs. a computer
  • What continuous learning is and how to collect a semester’s wisdom into one LiveDoc

Target audience:

Designers, managers, senior leaders, teachers, school directors

Tieren Zhou, CEO and Chief Architect - Kloud

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