Watch Party—Annie Murphy Paul: Learning Beyond the Myths

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions, Watch Parties are only available for live, synchronous viewing and are unavailable for on-demand viewing after the Watch Party ends. 

A Watch Party is a social gathering for the purpose of watching a specific event or program. As part of the Learning Solutions Digital Experience After Hours Program, we'll be hosting a number of Watch Parties celebrating some of our favorite keynotes from past Learning Solutions Conferences. Watch the keynote together with people around the world, engaging with each other and expanding upon the content via chat.

For today's Watch Party, we revisit the Learning Solutions 2016 keynote from author and journalist Annie Murphy Paul. Here's a description of the session:

Learning Beyond the Myths

There is a tremendous amount of information circulating about learning. A challenge for many learning professionals is discerning between a scientifically proven theory related to learning and a learning myth that sounds and feels right but is not based on scientific evidence. In this keynote, Annie Murphy Paul will explore learning beyond the common myths, sharing findings from cognitive science and psychology related to the extension and transfer of knowledge. She will also share compelling evidence that intelligence itself can be acquired, highlighting persuasive examples from real-life schools and workplaces.

NOTE: Watch Parties are only available for live, synchronous viewing in the virtual platform.

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