Our keynote sessions, will inspire you to see things from multiple perspectives while providing new ideas you can apply to your work.

The Future of Instructional Design: 5 Perspectives

In this fast-paced and thought-provoking opening session you will hear from five different industry leaders, each of whom will provide a short, TED-like talk exploring their view on the future of instructional design. You will discover how the world of ID is changing and what it means for the work we do in L&D. These perspectives will help you see instructional design through different lenses, helping you and your organization prepare for the future of training and development.

Megan Torrance Chad Udell Nick Floro Karen Hyder Connie Malamed
Megan Torrance
Chad Udell
Managing Partner, Strategy and New Product Development
Nick Floro
Learning Architect & CEO
Sealworks Interactive Studios
Karen Hyder
Online Event Producer and Speaker Coach
Kaleidoscope Training and Consulting
Connie Malamed
Mastering Instructional Design Membership Community


10 Non-L&D Tools that can Improve Your Practice

There are plenty of common tools that learning and development professionals use every day as part of their work. But sometimes you discover a tool that opens new doors or makes an existing workflow much more effective, transforming your work for the better.

In this keynote, we’ll explore non-L&D tools that can improve your practice. We’ve invited 10 members of The Guild community to share quick, four-minute presentations on an uncommon tool that they use in their work. Get ready for a rapid-fire exploration of tools that you can use to improve the work you do every day.

Kindra Harvey Mike Taylor Bianca Woods Betty Dannewitz Keith Quinn
Kindra Dionne
President & CEO
Purpose WorX
Mike Taylor
Bianca Woods
Sr. Manager of Programming
The Learning Guild
Betty Dannewitz
Associate Learning Solutions Architect
The Ken Blanchard Companies
Keith Quinn
Learning Technologies Manager
Scottish Social Services Council
Hadiya Nuriddin Mathias Vermeulen Maikel Alendy Michael Sheyahshe Danielle Wallace
Hadiya Nuriddin
Senior Learning Strategist
Duets Learning
Mathias Vermeulen
Winston Wolfe
Maikel Alendy
Learning Design Innovation Manager
FIU Online
Michael Sheyahshe
Founder and Technologist
Danielle Wallace
Chief Learning Strategist
Beyond the Sky


The Critical Skills of Learning Leadership

We often talk about leadership by describing the traits leaders share, or by using the labels of the roles and titles leaders have in their organization. But learning leadership isn’t about your position or about a templated set of characteristics. Successful learning leadership is driven by the proper application of a critical set of skills.

In this panel discussion we will explore the specific skills that are required by today’s modern learning leaders. You will discover what these skills look like in practice, and how they help others view you as a leader in your organization. You will also explore ways to build these skills in yourself and in other members of your team.

Sonia Malik Frank Nguyen
Sonia Malik
Learning Strategist
Frank Nguyen
Learning Executive


Emerging Technologies and Learning: A Guild Master Panel

It seems like we’re constantly discovering new technologies that have the potential to fundamentally change what it means to live, work, and learn. Understanding how to vet a new technology in the context of your work can be a challenge. Being able to assess the opportunities and risks of new technology requires an understanding of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are headed.

In this keynote, we’ve invited three Guild Masters for a discussion exploring the role technology plays in our work. You will examine a host of emerging technologies and explore perspectives on where they present opportunities, and where they may present limitations and/or risks. While we explore individual trends, we will also be placing a spotlight on the common characteristics of emerging technologies that have the potential to disrupt organizational learning and provide tips on how to vet new technologies in the context of your own work.

Mark Lassoff Karl Kapp Jane Bozarth
Mark Lassoff
Framework Television
Karl Kapp
Professor of Instructional Technology
Bloomsburg University
Jane Bozarth
Director of Research
The Learning Guild


Learning in the New Normal: 5 Perspectives

What we learn at a conference isn’t as important as our ability to apply what we’ve learned in a way that improves our practice. In this fast-paced and thought-provoking closing session of the Learning Solutions Digital Experience, we will focus on how to apply what we’ve learned in the evolving world of “the new normal”.

We’ve invited five different industry leaders, each of whom will provide a short, TED-like talk exploring one aspect of how learning professionals need to approach their work in the uncharted territory of the new normal. These perspectives will help you see how our role needs to evolve in order to better support our organizations and coworkers through the changes we are all adapting to.

Tracy Parish Wendy Gates Corbett Bob Mosher Julie DIrksen David Kelly
Tracy Parish
Education Technology Specialist
Southlake Regional Health Centre
Wendy Gates Corbett
President and Chief Presentation Officer
Refresher Training
Bob Mosher
CEO & Chief Learning Evangelist
APPLY Synergies
Julie DIrksen
Learning Strategist
Usable Learning
David Kelly
EVP & Executive Director
The Learning Guild


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