Designing Digitally's Serious Games Summit



Monday, March 30, 2020

Designing Digitally's Serious Games Summit

Designing Digitally’s Serious Games Summit is ideal for learning and development professionals looking for an innovative and engaging way to educate their workforce. This one-day event explores the basics of serious game planning and development, providing insight to ensure effective game-based learning implementation and delivery. 

We will start with an introduction of serious games and discuss the science behind why they work. Then you can learn the best practices for using serious games in corporate training, common mistakes to avoid, and how to leverage intrinsic and extrinsic rewards in learning solutions. 

Explore crucial KPIs that should be tracked, as well as how to track them, and see real examples of how other companies are utilizing game-based learning to reach learning objectives and improve training ROI. 

It will provide hands-on experience—building progress bars and other popular game mechanics using Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline—and offer expert advice to level-up your training. Immerse yourself in the technologies of the future, such as augmented and virtual reality, as you test out live examples of game-based learning courses. Walk away with an educational game that you can play with your team, and have the confidence to know serious games are the right choice for your workforce.

See you there! 



Planning & Implementation Track

Design & Development Track

8:30a – 9:00a

Intro to DDINC and Serious Games Summit Welcome (All)

Start the Serious Games Summit off with a few introductions from our Designing Digitally speakers—Andrew, Nick, and Greg—and play a fun game to learn a bit about everyone. We’ll begin embracing collaboration and curiosity in learning, plus get to know each other a little better, before you embark on the journey to becoming a certified DDINC Serious Games Guru!

9:05a – 9:30a

An Introduction to Serious Games (Andrew) 

In this session, we will cover an overview of what constitutes a Serious Game and what is needed to produce effective learning. This will also give insight into what a Serious Game isn’t, elaborating on misconceptions commonly seen with this learning approach. At the conclusion of this introduction, you will understand the main differences and similarities between gamification and game-based learning, know the ways they both impact the learning experience, and appreciate the true purpose and benefits of Serious Games.  

9:35a – 9:55a

The Science Behind Serious Games: Why they Work (Nick)

Explore the science behind Serious Games and discover why they work for corporate learning. In this session, we will review game-based learning principles. We’ll also discuss the psychology behind learning with games, why games make learning more enjoyable, and how they can create better results. This session will solidify why games are becoming a major tool for learning and development and how they enhance the learning process. 

10:00a – 10:15a


Take a break for some fun! Try out one of our ‘Training Arcade’ games or get some free swag from our team! 

10:15a – 11:05a

The Do's and Don'ts of Serious Games for Corporate Training (Nick)

Uncover the best practices when planning, building, and maintaining a Serious Game for business improvement. In addition, during this time we will also share common mistakes made with Serious Games. We will discuss some of the unforeseen obstacles that can get in the way of successful game-based training and learn how to avoid them. 

Design Strategies that Boost Knowledge Retention (Andrew)

Review different strategies we use to engage employees during training, which in turn produce better learning outcomes. This session will also explain how games can impact memory and how to leverage them for better knowledge retention during training. After this session, you will know design approaches that ensure knowledge is benchmarked, conveyed, and retained through the use of game elements, as well as how to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

11:10a – 11:30a

Leveraging Intrinsic and Extrinsic Rewards in Employee Training (Nick)

Learn how training directors and L&D managers can recognize employees for specific training accomplishments, even on a tight budget. In this session, we will discuss the differences, similarities, and goals of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, then see how they encourage positive behavior changes within the workplace. You will learn practical ways to reward your employees without compromising your training funds.

Design Elements that Impact Learning: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Andrew)

In this session, we will walk through the user experience during training. We’ll look at examples of design elements that have been used in our industry, both effectively and not so effectively, and explore different ways a goal can be accomplished with different design approaches. After this session, you will know what has hindered our ability to effectively train online, as well as what has enhanced it. 

11:35a – 11:55a

Game Mechanics Workshop (Andrew)

Learn how to level up your training using popular game mechanics and Bartle's Player Types. See real examples of gamification and understand how to align them with learning objectives and goals. In this session, we’ll explore how motivation is tied into player personality types and find out how you can effectively increase motivation during learning and development courses. 

12:00p – 1:00p Lunch
1:00p – 2:00p

Game Mechanics Card Game (Andrew)

This session will include a fun, hands-on brainstorming activity that will allow you to solve problems often seen in businesses. This game will expand on the information learned in the morning sessions and show how learners can be impacted through the use of player types, game mechanics, and collaboration. After this game, you will better understand the possibilities available when you use a creative and enjoyable approach to learning. 

2:05p – 2:25p

Key KPIs and How to Effectively Track Them in Serious Games (Nick)

We will discuss common KPIs used to evaluate training and how to implement them into Serious Games. During this session, we will share how to effectively benchmark learning competencies and employee performance using xAPI. After this session, you will walk away knowing different ways to use Serious Games and feel confident in your ability to identify areas that are working well and those that need improvement. 

Designing Game Mechanics in Captivate (Greg)

This session will provide a quick hands-on demo presentation about how to build progress bars and other simple game mechanics, such as timers and counters, in Adobe Captivate. We will share tips for success, as well as challenges we have run into from our experience in the industry. After this session, you will know different ways to integrate game mechanics into your training experiences developed with this software. 

2:30p – 2:45p


Time to nerd it up! Don’t forget about our Arcade in the back to test out the latest and greatest in immersive technology for training!

2:45p – 3:15p

How Companies are Increasing Training ROI with Game-Based Learning (Nick)

This session will discuss how organizations have used serious games and game-based learning to enhance business performances. The session will discuss the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the results concluded using serious games for adult learning.

Designing Game Mechanics in Articulate (Greg)

This session will provide a quick, hands-on demo presentation about how to build progress bars, award badges, and create mazes in Articulate Storyline. We will share tips for success, as well as challenges we have run into from our experience in the industry. After this session, you will know different ways to integrate game mechanics into your training experiences developed with this software. 

3:20p – 3:50p

Q&A—Next Steps: Beginning a Serious Game (All)

It’s question time! You ask, and we will answer! During this session, we encourage collaboration and invite you to ask us questions you’ve thought of throughout the day. We’ll also share more about Designing Digitally’s approach to game-based learning. In addition, you will learn about the next steps to develop your own successful Serious Game.

3:55p – 4:30p

Game Play—Handing Out Certificates—Social Gathering (All)

Get your game on! During this time, come play some of the Serious Games developed by Designing Digitally to see how this training approach is different from traditional methods. You’ll get a real feel for a game-based learning experience! You will also collect your Serious Games Guru certificate and have the opportunity to interact with the other Serious Games Summit members during this social time. 




Greg Wark, Designing Digitally

Greg Wark is a gamification specialist and 3-D developer at Designing Digitally, with over 10 years of experience within the company. He works across many different platforms—from second-life to virtual reality. He has a deep love for games and spends his free time with local game dev groups, as well as working on his own personal game projects. 


Nick Taylor, Designing Digitally

Nick Taylor is the director of development at Designing Digitally. With his background in interactive media development, Nick has taken on various roles—from visual development and instructional design to project management. He currently supports staff and clients to ensure the satisfaction of the companies Designing Digitally partners with, and the success of all projects.


Andrew Hughes, Designing Digitally

Andrew Hughes is the president of Designing Digitally, a professor at the University of Cincinnati, and a consultant for ACICS and HLC as a curriculum evaluator. Andrew's mission is to deliver innovative learning solutions that educate in a way that allows individuals to retain information effectively and be engaged throughout the learning experience.


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