Learning Solutions 2021 Sessions

Choose from world-class sessions featured in the year's Learning Solutions program. These specialized sessions will cover organization-wide best practices, how-tos, case studies, and emerging industry trends. Expand your focus with new approaches that best fit your needs, get inspired by industry leaders and experts, and develop new skills with hands-on activities.

Dive into sessions that cover topics like:

Interactive Learning BYOD Sessions

Hands-on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) sessions allow you to practice new techniques and skills right then and there. You'll be able to follow the instructor step-by-step so you can ask questions as you go along and perfect your skills before leaving the classroom.

Sessions at Learning Solutions

Data & Measurement

Use Usability Assessments to Determine if Your LMS is Demotivating, Jamie Schroder, Sunquest Information Systems

The Power of xAPI to Enable Instructional Design Strategy, Wendy Morgan, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute and Matthew Kliewer, TorranceLearning

Between Two Standards: A Debate on SCORM vs. xAPI and Other eLearning Specs, Chris Tompkins & Andy Whitaker, Rustici Software

The Data-Driven Learning Team: Learning Analytics in Action, Emily Sheetz, Independence Blue Cross

Linking Data Warehouse via xAPI to LMS, TMS & Other Learning Activities, Will Peratino, Office of Personnel Management and Paul Jesukiewicz, Office of Personnel Management

BYOD—Build Branching Scenario Prototypes Fast with Twine, Christy Tucker, Syniad Learning

Emerging Tech

10 Ways to Use Chatbots For Learning, Paul Bills, Mobile Coach

Personalized Learning: Been There, Done That!, Ger Driesen & Roy de Vries, aNewSpring

Ruthless Efficiency: AI and the Not-So-Distant Future of Learning, JD Dillon, Axonify

Games & Gamification

Game-based Learning: The Five Quadrants, Dov Jacobson, GamesThatWork

Serious Game Best Practices for Developing, Implementing & Evaluating ROI, Andrew Hughes, Designing Digitally

Building Serious Games: Create an Immersive World and Engage your Learner, Pace Myrick & Marcello Munoz, DISH

Build it, They will Play-Learn: How to Create a Game for Learning, Angela Malicki & Sharon Bildstein, The Johns Hopkins Hospital

How to Use Stress Effectively in Learning, Keith Lillico, Lillico Learning

BYOD—Getting Going with Gamification: Rapidly Prototyping a Gamified Solution , Valary Oleinik, Weil, Gotshal & Manges

Use Escape Games to Create a Unique Learning Experience, Rachel Arpin, The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center (OSUCCC)—James and Yi Yang, Franklin University

Instructional Design

Empower Your Sales Team with Game-based Training that Will Really Stick, Stephen Baer, The Game Agency

Learning Experiences for All: Designing for Impact and Inclusion, Cara North, Silfex and Michael Osborne, Profitability Business Simulations

Using Visual Tools to Design Effective Learning Experiences, Bucky Dodd, University of Central Oklahoma

Designing, Implementing & Sometimes Disregarding Social Learning at Dell, Jennifer Bennett, Dell Technologies

Learner Personas for More Effective Learning Solutions, Danielle Wallace, Beyond the Sky: Custom Learning

Minimize the Noise: Methods and Examples to Reduce Cognitive Load, Tim Kozlowski, Freelance

Essential Strategies to Enjoy Working with Talented SMEs, Gwen Elliot, Shopify

Training Design Enhancement through Training Evaluation, Elham Arabi, WHO

Curating Meaningful Learner Experiences, Christopher Adams, Performance Change Strategies

Transforming What SMEs Know to What Learners Need, Amy Morrisey & Diane Elkins, Artisan E-Learning

What's Your Superpower? Leverage Comic Book Theory to Increase Engagement, Michael Sheyahshe, aNm

Why Most eLearning Fails and How to Fix It!, Tim Slade, The eLearning Designer's Academy

Bringing Narratives to Life, Hadiya Nuriddin, Duets Learning

Think BEFORE You Design: Learning Ideation Session Success, Sherry Larson, Learning IDeologies

Design Thinking Exercises for Elevating Learning Experiences, Shannon Effler & April Delac, NCR

One Course, Many Contexts: Using Activity Theory for Learner Analysis, David Sensenig, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Addressing Unmotivated and Disengaged Learners, Steven Loomis, BJC HealthCare

Must-have Instructional Design Power Tools for Training Remote Workforces, Domenic Caloia, The Center for Learner Intelligence

Get Social: Design, Build & Host a Virtual Learning Community, Susan Gatti, ImmixID Consulting


Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Future-proofing Your VR Training Pilot, Peter Wittig,

VR Training Design Lessons from VR Gaming, Beth Wisch, Beth Wisch Consulting and Paul Metcalfe, Mocap Central

Beyond PoC: What Does an Enterprise-scale VR Training Deployment Look Like?, Dave Beck, Foundry 45

6 Examples of Augmented Reality in Performance Support, Jeff Batt, Learning Dojo

Preparing Your Company for an Immersive Learning Program, Debbie Richards, Creative Interactive Ideas

AR Sideshow SpectaculAR, Betty Dannewitz, ifyouaskbetty

Perspective-taking in VR: Superpowered Empathy in the Workplace, Amy Lou Abernethy, AMP Creative

Motion Sickness in VR: Causes and Design for Mitigation and Prevention, Adi Stephan, The Boiler Room

Psychological Implications of Virtual Training and Collaboration, Alex Howland, VirBELA

BYOD—Augmenting Your Everyday L&D , Destery Hildenbrand and Betty Dannewitz, ifyouaskbetty

Learning Platforms

Designing Technology Solutions to Support Self-Regulated Learning, Jennifer Murphy, Quantum Improvements Consulting and Chad Udell, Float

Building a Learning Platform on a Limited Budget, Marco Madrazo, Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Rapid Implementation of a Modern Learning Platform, Becky Willis, WillLearn and Todd Strosnider, Strojo

Building Learning Ecosystems for Sales Teams with Media and Adaptive Tools, Britt Olson, Milwaukee Tool and Chad Udell, Float

Content Quick Change: Evaluating Your Legacy Content for a Modern Serve-Up, Ann Rollins, The Ken Blanchard Companies and Britney Cole, The Ken Blanchard Companies

BYOD—Can Bots Help People Learn?, George Hanshaw, Los Angeles Pacific University

Bringing Facilitation into the Workflow, Bhakti Karkare

Management & Strategy

Design Thinking and Agile: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, Bianca Baumann & Matt Donovan, GP Strategies

Agile Architecture: Redesigning L&D Teams into Scrum Teams, KC Lewis, Anthem and Andrea Bader, ExamWorks

Case Study: Lessons Learned in Creating a Global Learning Ecosystem, Lauren Clodfelter, GE Appliances

Supporting Self-Directed Learning in Organizations, Catherine Lombardozzi, Learning 4 Learning Professionals

Winning CEO Support of L&D Strategies and Tactics, Christina Barss, CCBarss

What Professional Wrestling Can Teach Us About Storytelling, Maggie Redling & Coleman Williams, AvidXchange

Agile Methods in L&D: Harnessing Change, Megan Torrance, TorranceLearning

4 Ways to Eliminate Friction in Your Learning Ecosystem, Jeremy Roberts, Infinitude Creative Group

Maintaining a Central Repository of Learning Content Metadata, Liz Derr, Lyft

What Makes SAM and Agile Great and Not-So-Great for Courseware Development, Michael Allen & Steve Lee, Allen Interactions

The Real Reason Learning Orgs Never Caught On and What to Do About it Now, Larry Hiner, WorkforceEQ Institute

Building Together: A Cross-functional, Customized L&D Model, Whitney Thurmond, Vivayic and Kyle Perry, Farm Credit Services of America

The Supervisor Pathways Program: Teams, Zoom & Implementation Solutions, Kimberly Graham & Moriah Kent, Auburn University

How to Identify Qualified Vendors for Your eLearning Projects, Joshua Gantz & Kacy Deering, Pryor Learning

Promoting Equity Through Content and Delivery, Amanda Williams, American Institutes for Research and Melissa Edmiston, American Institutes for Research

BYOD—Create a Winning Solution Proposal Using a Storytelling Framework, Mike Simmons, Catalyst Sale

Building a Robust QA Process for Creating High Quality Learning Experiences, Bhavya Aggarwal, zipBoard Tech

The Least You Can Do: Experimental Performance Improvement, Kristen Hayden Safdie, Motivf

Moving Cautiously Forward: Building a New Reality for L&D Leaders, Lou Russell, Moser Consulting

Micro & Workflow Learning

Microlearning to the Rescue: Your Guide to a Rapid Framework for Success, Shannon Tipton, Learning Rebels

Disrupting Software Training with Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs), Ted Henning, LX Labs

Making Bite-sized Work: 5 Tips for Creating Effective Microlearning, Carla Torgerson, Bull City Learning

Take a Second Look at Job Aids, Dawn Mahoney, Learning In The White Space

SKIM:SWIM:DIVE—A Framework-based Approach to Create Microlearning, Bhanwar Singh, Bylearning Solutions

Case Study: Reducing Time to Proficiency with On-the-Job Learning Paths, Marty Rosenheck, Cognitive Advisors and Pam Koehler, Uponor

Development & Tools

5 Techniques to Improve Your Storyline Design Skills Today, Marcus Miers, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Better Budget Estimates For Developing Interactive Training Content, Derek Linders, CAE

BYOD—Not Your Mother's PowerPoint: The Magic of SlideDocs, Caitlin Steinbach Locke, AstraZeneca

BYOD—Developing a Game-like Interaction in Articulate Storyline 360, Kevin Thorn, NuggetHead Studioz

BYOD—Advanced Articulate Storyline Tips and Tricks, Mark Weingarten, Mindstream eLearning

Design and Development Tools: Innovation for Less Than a Cup of Coffee, Tracy Parish, Southlake Regional Health Centre

BYOD—Not Mutually Exclusive: Accessible and Interactive in Storyline, Garima Gupta, Artha Learning

Making Animated Videos with Voice-overs Using Powtoons, Joey Stearns, Amadeus

Creating Interactive Q&A Videos with Storyline 360, John Berendes, Yukon Learning

Memes & Scavenger Hunts: 10 Ways to Improve Your L&D Program on a Budget, Katrina Marie Baker, Adobe

BYOD—Hack Adobe Captivate to Get It to Do What You Want, Paul Wilson,

508 Accessibility Tips and Workarounds for Storyline and Lectora, Shawn McCulley, ICF

Video & Media

Film School for Learning Professionals, Jonathan Halls, Jonathan Halls

Linking the New with the Familiar Using Visual Metaphors, Jana Brunken, ansrsource

Low-cost Solutions for Video Production, Mark Lassoff, Framework Television

Getting the Most Out of Subject Matter Experts with On-demand Video Courses, JW Marshall, MarketScale

Out of One, Many: Creating Instructional Media Derivatives from Video, Josh Cavalier, American Tire Distributors

Reimagining Ethics and Compliance Training at T-Mobile, Ivan H. Lee & Joe Pulichino, T-Mobile

Podcasts in Learning: How to Maximize Listenership, Focus & Impact, Kevin Lange, Capital One

Teachflix: Creating Incredible Videos from the Comfort of Your Home, Maikel Alendy, FIU Online and Amanda Kleyla, Kelsey Pharr Elementary

Wonder Woman, Wakanda & Work: Development Solutions for Representation, Judy Katz, Eduworks and Tricia Ransom, TaskUs

Virtual Classrooms

9 Techniques to Measure the Success of Virtual Training, Cindy Huggett, Cindy Huggett Consulting

There's an App for That: Integrating Technology into Facilitated Solutions, Sharon Wingron, DevelopPEOPLE

From Traditional to Virtual Classroom: Conversion Made Easy!, Melissa Grey Satterfield, Langevin Learning Services

Building Psychological Safety in Your Virtual Sessions, Juan Mavo-Navarro, Juan Mavo-Navarro

Agile Virtual Learning, Doug Taylor, HighPoint and Stacy Barbee Ricks, HighPoint

Building Connections in the Virtual Space, Christy Grimsley & Ignatio Chiyaka, EnCompass

Pivoting Technical Training for a Remote Audience, Jennifer Mitchell & Michael Paktinat, SailPoint Technologies

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